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EPA awards $20k to local diesel truck monitoring group

According to yesterday’s EPA press release, Communities for a Better Environment gets $20,000 to continue studying diesel exhaust emissions from Port of Oakland big rig trucks in West Oakland. Judging from the CBE site this looks like people stand around and count the number of trucks going by.

I hope it’s more involved than that.

This is so American — spend mitigating pollution instead of stopping the production of pollution in the first place.

Better than nothing at all, I guess. The down economy is probably helping most.

Port of Oakland’s Shiny New… $79.5MM Contract

SFChron reports that the Port of Oakland (quasi City of Oakland) has picked up a new global trade shipping handler for $60MM down and $20MM in yearly rent.

Let the good times, “6,000 jobs” and MIC goods roll in and wash over us.

I don’t know when this many longshoreman and logistics jobs will miraculously appear, since every morning when I hop on BART these days to SF, I see endless stacks of rainbow bricks (shipping containers) piling up at the Port on all sides.

Maybe in late 2012-2014?