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Mr. Derrick Jones, barber, vs OPD

Update 1:

Although I have thoughts on the matter, I think it’s best for people to get a black perspective closer to the ground. Please read Davey D’s article here.

I will have to research and rewrite this post sometime. (After the jump is my original post, now in the early stages of re-write.) My original post was “colored” by mainstream media reports, and now I’m finally getting to 2nd and 3rd hand non-MSM accounts. Takes time to sort out and don’t have all (or even most) of the facts!

Update 2: SFExaminer: “Not shot in back.” According to the original KTVU report, Alameda County Coroner’s Office conducted the “independent autopsy.” AC is another government agency. How would they be independent? Note to John Burris: the family had better have their own coroner do an independent THIRD PARTY autopsy!!!

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Local Currency in Oakland, Revisited

There’s an SFChronicle story about an East Oakland local currency, done by tracking hours of labor: