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Making Crime Unprofitable

This post comes in the wake the author getting assaulted on Broadway at 25th Street over the weekend.

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What are our society’s financial incentives to keep crime down?  How are financial incentives set up right now?

Is the Mayor of Oakland (Ron Dellums) paid according to how safe our city is? Hell no.  Same for the OPD Chief.  Does he get a bonus for a safer city? Should he? I believe so.

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Alphabet Soup Agency of the Day


Alcohol Beverage Control District Office: 1515 Clay St. Suite 2208, Oakland CA 94612

Rationale behind occasional doom’n’gloom

I write about gloomy ideas sometimes: needing to cut the city budget, cut bloated city staffing, downshift from cars to busses, trains and bikes and skateboards.  But we have no choice — that’s reality.  I like trafficking in reality, not fiction nor hype. “Hope” will not get us anywhere.

When I put up posts such as “city of oakland needs to cut budget this year by 10%” which necessarily means cutting 10% of the workforce, or cutting people’s salaries and rich benefits by 10%+, I don’t take joy in the consequences such decisions would bring. But does it not need to happen?

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Upcoming BusRapidTransit meetings

Repasted from email:

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BRT Public Meetings in OaklandFrom: Samantha Robinson <>

BRT_Oakland_Post card_Final.pdf (1725KB); BRT_Oakland_Bilingual_Chi.pdf (966KB); BRT_Oakland_Bilingual_Span.pdf (823KB)

Hi there,

The City of Oakland has planned 7 public meetings on BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) for the month of January; see The first meetings are next week! (The final meeting date is not yet on the Web site, but is in the PDFs attached.) Will you please help us spread the word?

Public attendance and feedback at these meetings is critical, as City Council will vote on the project in spring. See below for intro text and attached for PDF fliers. We appreciate any help you can give to encourage Oakland to speak up!

As an FYI, I am contacting other Oakland bloggers too– but I hope you have time to help spread the word.

Cheers, Sam

BRT Project Team

Oakland councilmembers need your input on the East Bay Bus Rapid Transit ( BRT ) Project, a proposed plan for improving transit along Telegraph Ave. and International Blvd. in Oakland. BRT is being used all over the world to make transit faster and more reliable by incorporating a variety of features such as bus-only lanes, real-time arrival information, signal priority, level boarding and more . Compared to the existing 1R service, BRT would be:

– Fast: 20% faster
– Frequent: Service every 5 minutes on weekdays
– Convenient: 50% more stops

Your councilmembers want to hear from you. Attend a meeting on BRT!

January 11, 6-8 pm, Fruitvale Senior Center
3301 E. 12th St., Ste. 201

January 12, 6-8 pm, Eastside Arts Alliance
2277 International Blvd.

January 21, 6-8 pm, East Oakland Youth Development Center
8200 International Blvd.

January 26, 6-8 pm, Faith Presbyterian Church
430 49th St.

January 27, 11am-1pm, Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 2
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

January 27, 5-7pm, Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 4
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

January 28, 6-8pm, St. Louis Bertrand Church
1410 100th Ave.

I’ve attached so that you can spread the word about these meetings. Please invite your community to these meetings– your councilmembers need Oakland’s input!

With any questions about BRT , please see or call the BRT project manager Jim Cunradi (AC Transit) at 510-577-3371 .

Thanks, Sam
Samantha Robinson, Project Coordinator * 415.227.1100 x150

135 Main Street, Suite 1600, San Francisco, CA 94105
Listening, learning, leading … for a better world.

CP must be ACT’s regional transportation consultant. Big bucks eh? 😉

All I have to say about BRT is, to paraphrase a regular bus rider I spoke with: It’s about f’in time!