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FFAM: Sweet Jesus!

At art murmur tonight, i enjoyed seeing artwork. Some of the art really bent the conception of “art” – shadow puppet fighting air with projected sound effect graphics and sounds that worked half the time. (It was funny, don’t get me wrong.) I enjoyed seeing people I know, admire and have fun being around. I enjoyed seeing people I didn’t yet know.

The most fun I had? Launching my new tips only bike taxi. It was a blast! Met just about a “ton” of interesting people. All kinds of feedback and inquisitivity. I also saw AG J. Brown leaving the FOX Oakland before the end of show rush and thanked him for his service. I didn’t think to ask him to run for mayor again… damn!

It was a pretty productive night out. And in. Zachary’s at home tastes great! It’s almost 3am now. I’m only awake now because I fell all but asleep earlier amongst a conversation about jihadists and sharia law in the UK, fuses, 22-380-38-9-10-40-45-357 vs canvas, or something else.

Best gallery tonight that I hit? The Uptown! Big new loftish space with freshly poured concrete (by Oaktown standards), free and free flowing champagne (thanks Alessandro) and great works of art in oil, photography and welded media. Shout out to the uptown staff and artists for holding it down.

The bar “Ave” is re-opened. Didn’t have time to imbibe but it looked packed. So did Ozumo and Luka’s. I’ve met so many people who’ve just moved to Oakland in the past week, we must be the new Portland!

Note to new Oakland residents: welcome, do not leave your bikes locked out overnight on Jefferson or any other street if you enjoy having two wheels and a seat, do check out Art Murmer on first fridays, the lake and every neighborhood if you can afford to.

p.s. I hear (and notice) that any city worth its salt these days has a one-day-of-the month or week community art event. Portland and Sac have thursday night art gallery type events. Obviously global cities do too.  Don’t know if SF does… but SF has many many many events. A bicycle cupcake scavenger hunt race in which yours truly didn’t scarf down a single cupcake comes to mind (I was with a newbie bike rider). SJ?

Give Bicyclists an Inch…

So I am happy to report that construction workers in orange jumpsuits finally installed U-shaped bike racks along Telegraph and 19th street in the Uptown district yesterday morning.

U-rack bike parking, installed Wed 3.18.09 by Foxy, Flora's, Sears and Uptown

U-rack bike parking, installed Wed 3.18.09 by Foxy, Flora's, Sears and Uptown

And what do you know, with eight racks installed on the west side of Telegraph alone, imagine my reaction when a bicyclist went and USED one of these U-shaped bike racks. The audacity! Probably an indie rock fan visiting the Uptown Night Club.

No really, I’m glad these are in and look forward to seeing San Francisco put in actual efforts after they pass their court-ordered “stop date” – a look at SFBike.org shows “1002 days without any new bike lanes.” There are additional bike racks alongside the revamped FOX Oakland theater.

The FOX incidentally is slammin’ inside–very beautiful, lots of fun historical work, comfortable seats, reminds me of the old 3,000 capacity movie theater in SF that starts with a letter “C” that I believe is now closed. I saw a fun music show there called “video games live” a few weeks back. Lots of nice touches for this venue, thank you Developer Phil!

There are also now “sharrow” symbols painted on the now-properly-painted 20th St./Thomas L. Berkeley St. pavement along the north side of ForestCity’s “The Uptown” – a LEED Silver apartment compound/green zone.

Please excuse Google for their slightly out of date satellite map of the area in question.