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Oakland Crime Rate High, Stays Higher – and not because of any Blue Dream [CrimeStats: Oakland vs NYC, SF, LA…]

photo by Jim OBrien, Ice City Almanac

Oakland Crime Rate High, Stays Higher – and not because of any Blue Dream

It’s been forever since I last posted about Oakland specifically, and I miss A Better Oakland (by intrepid Echa) so here’s a crime brief.

Oakland murders in 2012 to date: 84.

New York City murders in 2012 to date: 299.

So, Oakland has one third of the murders that NYC has and less than 5% of the population. Some will say Baltimore and New Orleans are worse but I don’t want to emulate the bad parts of any city.  And anyway, ex-OPD Chief Batts just landed in Baltimore. (youtubes here)

Oakland: 84/pop x 10,000 = 21 murders per capita, 2012

NYC: 299/pop x 10,000 = 4 murders per capita, 2012

Raw Stats: OAK pop 395,817 ; NYC pop 8,244,910 – Jul 2011, Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Oakland murder figure as of 9/7/12. 84 is Oaktown’s homicide count according to NBC and others. Incorrectly, KGORadio states “the 94 homicides in Oakland this year is one less than all of last year. Last year at this time there were 65 homicides in the city.”

That’s right. Oakland has FIVE as many murders per 10,000 people as New York City.  Okay okay. It would be lower without the Oikos mass shooting by an unhinged person. Yet, less murder is always preferable right?

Unfair? Let’s compare with SF, LA, Stockton, Fresno, Richmond and a few other cities.

City Murders as of 9/11/12 Population as of 2011 Murders per capita
Honduras 82.100
Ciudad Juarez 625 1,300,000 48.077
New Orleans 128 360740 35.483
Colombia 33.400
Mexico City 8851080 24.000
Baltimore 146 619493 23.568
Oakland 84 395,817 21.222
Kenya 20.100
Uganda 17.100
Stockton 46 296357 15.522
Richmond 15 105,380 14.234
Chicago 300 3,000,000 10.000
L.A. 375 3819702 9.818
Fresno 32 501362 6.383
San Francisco 45 750,000 6.000
NYC 299 8,244,910 3.626
San Jose 31 967487 3.204

And I can’t speak to Baltimore/NOLA but Oakland clearly needs 5-600 more poh-leese on the streets. If you have a cop in every neighborhood, s/he can mediate for that neighborhood, help direct people to resources, GET TO KNOW people, people will GET TO KNOW her/him. Real community policing happens with adequate staffing.

No men or women are angels, so we will always need to police ourselves — either internally (social code, customs, tight knit communitas) or externally (police, security).

Is Oakland a “police state”? Hardly. It’s a “thug state” and all current city politicians (and the police union OPOA, higher up OPD who sit at their desks, criminals (underground businessmen), certain neighborhoods and “anti-violence” nonprofits with no-bid city contracts) are happy to let this continue indefinitely.

I hate this game.  More cops will fix it over a 5-6 year period. This November election matters. Vote for city “leaders” who will actually hire up 5-600 MORE cops — at lower salary/pension levels — on November 6, 2012.

The national elections are a sham. But you have a chance to bring REAL policing to Oakland.  Policing where cops know their hood, every hood knows their cop, and we have REAL “bridging the gap” between COMMUNITY and POLICE.  This must happen if we will have a nurturing city for residents — and businesses (ie, “more jobs for people who give a shit in East/West Oakland”).

You pay for security. Your choice is how: police, or private patrol/alarm. Do we all want our own alarm? NO.

data sources: news reports, city websites. (google)

Classified video of US Army helicopters shooting civilians

This is bullshit. 17 minutes of video showing US Army helicopter crews playing shoot a duck in a barrel.

Killing Reuters journalists, civilians, injuring children. Wonderful, MyLai and Gary King all over again.

If you think the US military can’t be used here in the US against Americans you are wrong.

Source: http://wikileaks.org/

This is what our federal income taxes pay for.  Hicks playing socialist (paid for medical, housing, transport, etc) cowboys on our dime and others’ lives so we can comfortably drive our private Le Sabre, Prius, New Beetle and Impreza WRX automobiles up and down Oaktown.

In weird, unexpected and COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED news, US accused of causing Haiti earthquake.

Now this is something I’d read about in the day or two after the quake–that the British Naval fleet near Haiti had left in the days before the quake, which has supposedly never happened in Haiti’s history for the last 99+ years.  If true, this is the equivalent of a nuclear attack and as morally wrong as nuking another country.


Wouldn’t be surprised if this weapon existed, as implausible as it seems.

I see patterns: murders around Value Inn; Oakland women

“I see dead people”

Rump Temescal is bounded by 40th St by MacArthur BART, so I wouldn’t consider West MacArthur Temescal. It’s more Kaiser-BWay or SO40.

On SFGate today, the two women murdered by bullets at Value Inn makes me think either
(a) a John didn’t want to pay his for his “hobby”; or
(b) family or drug-related violence due to money problems.

There was another murder in this area just two weeks ago.

Crime seems to follow freeways and main streets out of west oakland (nancy nadel’s financially poor city council political district 3).

~ * ~

Oh but wait. Another woman shot in the head in East Oakland now.

So three women shot in Oakland in 12 hours. Is that a record?

Let the record also show that women only gained rights with the advent of fossil fuels… so women may not want to “go green” – because that means back to the fields and toilsome labor! (and patriarchy!)