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Ratio of power at Oakland City Hall?

I took the old photo of our city “leadership” and pasted in faces of current staff and soon-to-be sworn in councilmembers-elect. I don’t know who the two ladies are with “?” marks but assume one of them is the City Clerk.

What is the ratio of power at Oakland City Hall? Between city departments, city council, mayor and city administrator. (Ignoring for a moment our city attorney and auditor, and all the politically well connected non-profits, unions and developers, lobbying business interests – they are in power by proxy anyway.)

The power ratio is certainly not 1:1:1:1.

It’s probably more like 9:8:1:1. Continue reading

Very worrisome. My dear Jewish friends and acquaintances in Oakland should consider taking a peek at this analysis of what’s going on in Israel, written by a Jewish woman in New York. Not that the world won’t end in December anyway 😉 but why not have a relaxing go of it…

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Shocking leaked video:what Israeli Zionists actually believe! – YouTubeThe US media editorialists are nearly totally and uniformly Zionist radicals who prevent any honest discussion of the Middle East’s very explosive religious and ethnic warfare situations.  One major help given to imperialists in Israel and Japan is how our media actively hides what the far right wing in both countries say and do.  For example, I got the news via Japan’s media about Japan’s top mayor in Tokyo calling for nuclear bombs for land disputes with China whereas the US media didn’t cover this story at all.  With the Jewish-dominated media in the US, the Neo-Nazi character of Jewish political parties is also very carefully hidden from view. 

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