I see patterns: murders around Value Inn; Oakland women

“I see dead people”

Rump Temescal is bounded by 40th St by MacArthur BART, so I wouldn’t consider West MacArthur Temescal. It’s more Kaiser-BWay or SO40.

On SFGate today, the two women murdered by bullets at Value Inn makes me think either
(a) a John didn’t want to pay his for his “hobby”; or
(b) family or drug-related violence due to money problems.

There was another murder in this area just two weeks ago.

Crime seems to follow freeways and main streets out of west oakland (nancy nadel’s financially poor city council political district 3).

~ * ~

Oh but wait. Another woman shot in the head in East Oakland now.

So three women shot in Oakland in 12 hours. Is that a record?

Let the record also show that women only gained rights with the advent of fossil fuels… so women may not want to “go green” – because that means back to the fields and toilsome labor! (and patriarchy!)

2 responses to “I see patterns: murders around Value Inn; Oakland women

  1. That’s the Mosswood neighborhood, which sits directly below Temescal and runs to the 580. The motels along that stretch of West Mac are notorious for playing host to crime and prostitution; I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is connected. Pretty awful no matter how you slice or dice it, but (like most Oakland violence, sadly) probably not a random act.

  2. Art- this may be relevant for you:

    Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 2:39 AM
    Subject: Mosswood Park Tot Lot Community Meeting 6/30/2009

    Mosswood Park Tot Lot Community Meeting
    Tuesday, June 30, 6:30 pm
    Mosswood Park Recreation Center

    The Mosswood Tot Lot Project is moving along! Please join us!

    The Mosswood Park Tot Lot project began as a neighborhood initiated grant proposal in June of 2007. From that grant, a partnership between the community, Kaiser Permanente, the City of Oakland (CEDA) and Oakland Parks and Recreation was formed to create the MOSSWOOD PARK TOT LOT. After two years of funding development, the Mosswood Park Tot Lot planning and design process calls for your review and input as we move closer to construction. Please attend the community meeting to review the first phase of the design and brainstorm ideas for future improvements.

    If you are a community member who would like to join the Mosswood Park Tot Lot Yahoo Group, please email carlapaliaga at yahoo dot com with subject “Mosswood Tot Lot Group invite.”

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