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Uptown Weekend: Koreatown and Loud Music

I missed today’s “northgate/koreatown” street festival with blocked off telegraph with booths. Instead I observed Lafayette and diablo valleyans having a good time at their beer/wine festa. It was not so interesting, hot, and I wasn’t impressed with any of the drinks or food served.

Back in Otown, a band called “further” is playing at FOX Oakland all three nights Frri-Sat-Sun and the fans are making a fuckload of noise until 3am last night, and as I write at midnight tonight, probably doing the same tonight.

I ought to stab the drummer. But maybe it’s our fault for moving into an apartment complex across from multiple music venues. I saw some dirty hippies running out behind our car from the garage too, they are living out of a truck on 20th next to the Uptown Apts and part of this hairy hippy fest.

I wonder what the big deal is, and what these hippies do for a living. It seems like their Christmas/New Year or something.

Speaking of which, happy new year to all the jews in Oakland. Cheers.

FOX Oakland Trivia Time


Learn the history of the renovated FOX theater, here.

One tidbit about our printer jam political circus back then:


There was serious talk of tearing the Fox down to create a parking lot. The City’s Public Works Department and the Off-Street Parking Commission, with support from local retailers, presented a plan for the City to purchase the property, demolish the building, and provide parking for 218 vehicles. Sheldon Milenbach of Milens Jewelry was quoted in the Montclarion saying that the Fox Oakland building is “the largest outdoor urinal in the world” and Planning Commissioner Clyde Gibbs said “The City should acquire and demolish this blighted building. It’s been a blight for years.” Fortunately the proposal foundered, and once again, the theater with nine-lives somehow averted disaster.