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D3 Nadel Shilling for Constant Contact?

Am I going blind in my old age or is CCM Nancy Nadel (District 3: West Oakland + part of downtown) peddling online direct marketing schemes? With some help from Loreal?

Oh wait it’s not April 1st yet…. memory fades.  Sorry folks!  Had an itch to fill in for A Better Oakland‘s editor who’s probably moved out of Oakland by now, or will be any day now. And I can’t blame her given the city “leadership”‘s lack thereof.


Culture of Life News

We are in the middle of the Second Great Depression and as I predicted several years ago during the height of the credit bubble boom, it will take many years to escape this collapse and worse, it will probably lead to many wars and maybe, WWIII.  The relaxation of regulations of banking systems led directly to this mess.  The creation of the entire galaxy of bizarre paper entities which I call collectively, the Derivatives Beast, led to the creation of a huge shadow financial entity that is bigger than the value of everything on earth.  This is what the world’s top bankers are clinging to keep alive.  This is what hasn’t blown up…yet.  Meanwhile, whole  nations slide off the economic cliff.

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FYI RE: Mayor Quan Recall Campaign (where to sign up)

Weekend plans: get excited!

Sign the petition to Recall Mayor Quan Now!

Grand Lake Farmers Market – Sat 2/11 9:30am-11:30am
Jack London Farmers Market – Sun 2/12 10am-12pm

Temescal Farmers Market – Sun 2/12 9am-11:30am
Montclair Farmers Market – Sun 2/12 9am-12pm
Grand Lake Theater – Mon 2/13 to Thur 2/16 6pm-8pm

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one option sucks less…

Culture of Life News



The Wall Street Chosen One is floundering again.  I suspect, despite all the pushing by media owners and the GOP ‘leadership’ (sic) he isn’t going down too well with actual voters.  The GOP primaries are low turn out affairs this year but it may become a lot hotter now that Romney is fading fast.  Even Ron Paul, a good friend, came out ahead of Romney in Minnesota.  

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If I had iMovie…

I’d update Wassup for 2012 – locally and nationally.

Is there any windows app comparable to imovie?

Worth a read.


I had a frustrating interview on Voice of Russia radio earlier this week. I’ve been on the show a couple of times before, and I’ve found the hosts to be level-headed and fair. So I was deeply shocked and surprised, when, after this last weekend’s events, they kept coming back, again and again, to the “flag-burning” incident in front of city hall on Saturday night. No matter how many times I refocused their attention on the many violent acts which violate the law, civil rights, and the Oakland Police Department’s own policies—things like firing less than lethal ammunition at head-level, beating people with batons, and using tear gas indiscriminately against crowds and bystanders—they came back to the burning of the flag. Inexplicably, they termed flag-burning “violence”.

There’s not a lot of real estate to this flag-burning story. In the midst of some vandalism of city hall, a small group of…

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