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Keeping the A’s, going for the World Cup…

I’ve signed two pro-sports petitions recently to give Oakland a sporting chance at remaining/becoming a sports destination. I love futbol and went to lots of games in Asia…and I used to play coed pickup games in Berkeley a lot when I could bike there from North Oakland. Alas, I live in Uptown now and that is no longer possible.

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Morning jog; Anyone play sports out there?

The 1am Recap and Irrationally Exuberant Crazy Rant.

If you didn’t enjoy a nice lap around the emerald lake today, live vicariously through me. The lake fountains were beautiful: gorgeous plumes of feathered whitewater. The 9:00 a.m. sun’s brilliance reflected off, swathed, revealed, painted everyone, commuters in their cars, the Public Works lawnmowermobile man, and the shiny new religious cocoon-cathderal.

Canadian geese plucked short grasses like delicate foie gras paid for with AIG bonuses — just a designer smokescreen for Gold Man Sacks and foreign banks higher-up-the-foodchain by the way. Chinese men and women and one deranged looking white man did arm waving tai chi. A squirrel ran away from my impending feet, dropping a bit of trash out of the City of Oakland Cardboard Box For Trash next to a public toilet. Suits walked to and fro between 19th Street BART and Grand Lake. Unhappy faces. Why so grim? Bad economy = healthier bodies and environment, less waste. But also less prozac-induced fantasy. Adolescent graffitti scrawled inside the round concrete temple, “fuck X3, X4, Mexicans.” Healthy, perky rows of monocropped native grasses by the BofA/Kinkos building lobby.


A friend of a friend is starting a softball game in Oakland, just moved up from SoCal. Anyone game?

I am looking to start a downtown soccer coed pickup situation. Something for weeknights. Maybe on the city hall lawn. Anyone?

If so, write me at k150 at yahoo.