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Art Wednesday

Oaklanders love art.

Here’s some art to chew on.

1. poster.

2. oil paintings by aimee

Wednesday QuickPress

Announcement: Oakland Police Foundation fundraising event, December 9th. Back up the people who (attempt to) maintain public order in Oakland, so that the majority of us can enjoy life and get on with it. OPF Event Flyer

Events this week:
Weds: FOX Theater concert
Thurs: Turkey Day
Friday: Retailing Day(?) in Oakland (keeping our eye on the new Target store slated to open on Oak-Emeryville border in 2011)

Bar of the month: Era Art Bar & Lounge.
If you haven’t been, you ought to! I had the pleasure of taking in free Jim Beam Red Stag bourbon shots at Era last week, along with various beers and of course a girly “good thymes” drink. The architecture is pretty swanky with cute accents (Gucci bazooka; no Gucci sweatshirt), reclaimed wood and historical industrial tools (railcar-type carts), two bars, coat check and LIVE PAINTING.
I don’t know why it excites me but I love live painting. The DJ was good but I can’t wait to catch a David Harness set!!

Politics-Money-Resources: Jean Quan is our mayor; you all already know this. All I have to add for now is that she’ll at least show up for work instead of going to work out. We’re waiting to see which approach/ politician is the better. What we also know is that Oakland’s “85 year repaving cycle” is lengthening to “centennial” with every thunderstorm. Last comment on the election – Quan may have won for a variety of reasons (mostly “liberal oaklander mindset”) but also due to this (in particular, field volunteers).

Weather: It’s Oaktown’s main selling point no? Summer finally ended last week with torrential rains, and a cold wind this week. It’s about time eh? Time to mull some spiced cider…

Mr. Derrick Jones, barber, vs OPD

Update 1:

Although I have thoughts on the matter, I think it’s best for people to get a black perspective closer to the ground. Please read Davey D’s article here.

I will have to research and rewrite this post sometime. (After the jump is my original post, now in the early stages of re-write.) My original post was “colored” by mainstream media reports, and now I’m finally getting to 2nd and 3rd hand non-MSM accounts. Takes time to sort out and don’t have all (or even most) of the facts!

Update 2: SFExaminer: “Not shot in back.” According to the original KTVU report, Alameda County Coroner’s Office conducted the “independent autopsy.” AC is another government agency. How would they be independent? Note to John Burris: the family had better have their own coroner do an independent THIRD PARTY autopsy!!!

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How to spiff up Oakland BART stations: Go Corporate

Add an Apple Store right outside, apparently!

At least, that is how it went down in Chicago recently. Check this out:

Apple invests in public transit

Well, urban living is the past and it will be the future, so why not beat (or keep up with) the Joneses? This is an example of a “public-private partnership” or P3 — similar to PBS being “funded in part by” Chevron Oily Mess Corporation, Your Tapeworm Bank Name Here, etc. Continue reading