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Oakland’s Police Foundation… Waiting for a BattSignal

Oakland’s Police Foundation… Waiting for a Batt Signal

By Ken O

In today’s SJMerc, columnist Tammerlin Drummond reflects on our new OPD Chief after the  unveiling of his 5-year strategy last week.  Mainly, Chief Batts won’t give up trying to improve Oakland policing and community engagement without a good attempt. Anyone would applaud that.

Then Chief Batts says something odd.  He wants to “start a foundation” to support OPD’s mission and better the city.

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What we had before AC Transit busses: the future?

The only constant in life is change.

How did Oakland look before Government Motors (aka GM) and Standard Oil (aka Chevron/Exxon/Texaco…) had their way with it?  And will we ever get it back?  Other US cities have gotten their mojo back — Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix and Charlotte to name a few.  Others are working on it — Detroit, Atlanta stand out in my mind.  Oakland can’t seem to get its transit act together although we DID have it together at one point.  Take a look after the jump.

Here’s a shot of today’s Sear’s and 20th Street “bus stop row” aka Thomas Berkeley Street between Broadway and Telegraph Ave, looking East.  Click below to see how 20th Street used to be.  (Hint: no bare Sears windows and blank walls!)

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Another fight on AC Transit; BRT meeting tonight

AC Transit, Oakland, “Safe and Clean” – bus fight

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LIVE: City Hall budget meeting, video here

Today’s city budget meetings from 5pm to 6pm and onward are viewable LIVE here via KTOP (and possibly thanks to the city’s Dept of IT)

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Crime Pays. Especially in Oaktown.

Today’s money quote:

“People always seek to improve their wealth and status in the easiest way possible. What’s the easiest way? Take wealth from someone else. That’s why criminals are still in business…after thousands of years of trying to stop them.”

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Clipper beats TransLink to a pulp and it’s not even out yet!

As you all know, whoever runs the TransLink card program has announced that TransLink needs a new, sexy name. They’re rolling it out for this summer.  On this point I agree — we WANT more people to be aware of and use public mass transit, versus private car mass transit, although 95% of people seem to be against the new name, to date.  Too bad for them 😛

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Aha! Yes, we are approaching 3rd world status

Traveling to the Third World, and Evaluation of SF/Oakland Mayor comments

I’m not the only person who thinks our Bailout Nation is becoming 1980s Cambodia.  I’ve commented over at ABO saying so previously.

John Greer in his blog Archdruid Report comes to the same conclusion this week. To him, the easy explanation of where we’re going is the Third World.  Some other guy over at Marketwatch blogs says we should prepare for a “Swiss Family Robinson” scenario. I’m sure that will become even more popular this year.

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