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2H March 2012 Update

Tabling for New, Better Mayor

I witnessed two gents tabling for the Recall Oakland Mayor Quan campaign by the Downtown Marriott last weekend.  A good spot to camp out – many Oakland Marathon registrants passed by. Other highlights:

  • Rain
  • plenty of takers though at the booth
  • donuts and cookies provided by moi
  • every weekend at farmers market near you!


If you’re into sustainability thoughts and trends, you might read up on how Ancient China kept up its transport mobility mojo in an era of post-asphalt roads during a time when Ancient Europe failed to do similarly. With a Chinese wheelbarrowWell – it’s true the ‘peons used Roman paved roads for a millenia, but it was all dirt roads from there. What’s this got to do with the East Bay? Continue reading

How government “works”

Yes, it’s the bureaucrats who make [things] happen. With some prodding and funding from outside.

Here’s a recounting at the federal level. As I’ve worked at the municipal (CCSF) and state (DOC) levels, I can say that the article below is relevant at pretty much any level of government.

On government employment.

On the other hand, there are strong charismatic agency leaders who clearly create a top-down culture.  The successful, stronger leaders can really get government butts moving through personal charm and energy.

Every country, every level of government has its minions, the machinery who make governance possible. Enjoy the read.