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interesting perspective on dto bids


Discussion of Lake Merritt/Downtown business districts, security theater, public safety in the post-2007 era.

Oakland Police Foundation Launched!!

After so many years of waiting on my part, the Oakland Police Foundation is finally a going concern! Hooooray! LA and NYC have had these for years.

So… if you have a few million $$ you don’t know what to do with, take a portion of it and donate today! I already have. You can also volunteer, sponsor, etc.

Why should you donate to the OPF?

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Cows…in Berkeley? Jobs…in Oakland?

Hey, remember when “colored” people were the only ones complaining about jobs? Now it’s “middle class” people too. Except that the latter for now are taking their lumps and paying for their kids’ unpaid internships, stuff-white-people-like style. Nary a complaint, no  [Of course, in the past several years the former have been also complaining about police brutality (Marcel Diallo) or killings within the black community. As the church sign on Telegraph says, “stop black on black violence.” So does that mean start black on  (other) violence?, I had to wonder. Anyway, due to lack of money in the ghetto, it is a bit like watching spiders in a jar. The more you add, the more they start eating each other. It’s genetic. I am ashamed to say I did that once as a kid.]

Big surprise. After 30 years of increasing our debts to “eat the future” and giving away (“offshoring”) our manufacturing base to the world for increased corporate profits, and still with a 70% “consumer spending based” economy, we can’t build/borrow/”innovate” our way out of this mess, much less exit a brown paper bag with arrows pointed toward the opening, or repave Oakland streets properly — that is, to 1940s standards.

Time for triage in Oakland street repaving; time for triage in American job creation. I can tell you one thing. Obama isn’t going to create many long-term jobs. So much for change. Besides repair type jobs, the next big jobs wave will be farming. I feel really certain about this based on all the anecdotal stories about people gardening and beekeeping in Oakland and nationwide more than ever these past few years.

What else do we have really, which could generate enough jobs? Please don’t tell me government. Government and government-run entitities needs to take a severe diet. Car and housing related employment is dead for decades. High tech outsources and centralizes more jobs than creates new ones.

1 in 9 Americans are now on food stamps.

We’re going back to the future, 1849 before Industrialization Part 2 took off in Britain in 1850.

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Flip the scrip’: NO currency at all baby!

I’ve been harping about local currencyfor a while . Yes, it is an ivory tower type idea which doesn’t work well, and can’t compete very well with the dominant currency. It is not our savior, just as “Obama” and mere hope is not our savior.

Money causes problems. It enables loan sharking, bribery, extraction of “capital” from a community, and makes many of us work wage slave jobs. Local money would still be money. And few people would accept it.

As of today, I will no longer push for this idea. It’s a dead end.

Better idea: NO money. Trade goods via barter instead.. Trade whatever you have for what you want…

Our enemy is money. We should rely on the earth, gifting of essential goods/services and personal relationships instead. These will make us all stronger.

I’ve seen the phrase “trust is the only real currency.” To that I would add, the things we really need to survive — water, food, clothes, shelter, security — are also real currency.

  • Air – required
  • Water – required
  • Food – required
  • Security – nice to have
  • Clothes/Shelter – optional, nice to have
  • Relationships – semi optional, great to have

Are you with me?

When money is worthless and your credit card / home equity line are shot to hell, personal relationships and the land are all you have left. Build those up now and at the very least, you’ll have a healthier life.