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Sustainability: Rainwater Catchment Event 3/20

This March 20th at  Temescal’s Claremont DMV, get your taxpayer subsidized rainbarrel(s)! Save winter rain for dry summer use. Cut down reliance on diesel pumped water from the San Pablo Dam and wherever else your water comes from.  (Do you know where your tap water comes from?)

Rich and middle-class homeowners, and renters with sizable patios or balconies, click here.

Lake-Chinatown wasteland remediation meeting notes


Notes from Lake Merritt BART station & BART HQ neighborhood design charette

New Oaktown Backgrounder: The area between the lake and the SFBay estuary has always been in flux but for the past several decades has felt like a sad environment with nobody outside. The main park in the area is habited by homeless and transients, though sometimes with children and tai chi practicing elderly too. Continue reading

Fox Uptown update

Another local blog, Concrete Rumors, reports more detail about the relationship between Sunfield Development and the City of Oakland in firing up the Fox Uptown parking garage project.  Maybe it’s time for me to go interview Sunfield, whose head was interviewed by SFBG for their EB-5 story this week.

Disclaimer: I write for the other blog also.