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.get your influence peddling on.


September 30th  is the last day you can give free money to your Oakland mayoral candidates — and have it “count” on the chessboard of public opinion. (Since figures will be released early October.)

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Update – Sep 22 2010

I haven’t written anything in a while–been busy. Lately, out of country. Needless to say I’m still on the ‘rim of fire’ just another section in a nation known as Peru.

Oakland: it’s time to organize a TAX REVOLT.

No new property taxes. Say hell no. Oakland Citizens Union baby.

Shakin’ reminder: After a major earthquake, I and you do NOT want to remain in Oakland. It will be a terrible place to be if water and power are both out for much more than 36 hours.

Why, besides ordinary criminals and no out-of-town police reporting to work, would you leave Oakland after the big one? The vast underclass of hooked-on-drugs homeless, underemployed(?) and transients we have in Oakland.

Think of the next 7.0+ east bay quake as our version of the Incas meeting the Spanish in 1534, with modern civil society American-style being the Incas. (though it’s a lame comparison in many ways!)

That’s it for today’s hyperbole. Take care out there. Back to urban planning themes (and some politics/crime gab) in future installments.

Oakland Police Foundation Launched!!

After so many years of waiting on my part, the Oakland Police Foundation is finally a going concern! Hooooray! LA and NYC have had these for years.

So… if you have a few million $$ you don’t know what to do with, take a portion of it and donate today! I already have. You can also volunteer, sponsor, etc.

Why should you donate to the OPF?

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