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Another fight on AC Transit; BRT meeting tonight

AC Transit, Oakland, “Safe and Clean” – bus fight

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Uhuru Rears its Ugly Head Again

[3/29 Update: See and donate to a Spot.us story pitch on this.]

And this time, instead of smearing D1 city council candidate Patrick McCullough on behalf of Councilwoman Jane Brunner’s campaign in D1, Uhuru praises cop-killer Mixon.

Sick. Do not donate furniture to, or purchase furniture from, these haters.

On a positive note, read Ten Things You Can Do to Save Oakland over at CityHomestead. All good suggestions to which I’d add…

I attended last night’s vigil. The energy felt mixed, with excitement and joy of a community gathering and youth drum corps, mixed with trepidation at the previous days’ events and a worn tension seems to pass for normal in East O near the mall. I knew my place, and it wasn’t mine. EO feels like a different world, with its own flavors of pros and cons. I can verify this: Based on the number of attendees, most Oaklanders still want, respect and expect the rule of law. East O has much potential and there are good pockets even there.