NATO Approves Of Full Military Attacks On Separatist East Ukrainians After Fake Election: Many Killed

Poor Ukranians…

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In Slavyansk, a young woman is killed by a bomb attack by US/NATO Ukraine occupation forces.

This brings little in the way of headlines in the US/Bilderberg owned media.  But the coup in Kiev launched full scale military warfare on citizens objecting to the coup in Eastern Ukraine.  All attempts by Putin to talk nice and do nothing has led to a continuous blood bath in a number of cities.  I recall Obama and his henchman, Kerry, whining about Syria stopping an uprising using military force!  They wanted the UN to condemn this.  Now, it is OK to do the exact same thing.  In Egypt, Sisi won his fake election after disbanding opposing parties and executing the entire leadership of the #1 political party.  The US duo aping Bush and Cheney fully approve of this fake ‘democracy’.

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Skyscraper Index: Oakland Edition


Oakland, back in the yuppie ’80s or was it ’90s, was to have had erected a 30- or 80-story tower. Right at Broadway and 10th or 11th Streets, or some other street on the Oakland Chinatown village border. Asian money from Hong Kong or nearby was to have funded it.

And after reading about the Skyscraper Index am I ever glad that it didn’t get built! The least of our problems would have been a helpful nudge into Rush Hour II territory: yet more people belching forth onto Broadway, 12th Street BART platform and into shiny people-movers that maximally hold five American-sized adults (legally). But maybe Jackie and Chris would have made a cameo. Oakland should be so lucky. Continue reading

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The US is in a spasm of bizarre killings due to a boomerang effect of our assassination wars.  Proof of this is obvious to even denialists today:  Chris Kyle, Author Of ‘American Sniper,’ Shot And Killed At Gun Range is a classic story, it makes one almost believe there is some sort of Libra-type running the Afterlife.

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see my thoughts in the comments. maybe.

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noun \ˌjen-trə-fə-ˈkā-shən\

: the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents

Gentrification is a process in which a populated area is “discovered” and gentrified. Gentrified means to make suitable for affluent populations. It is a process that has recognizable phases as identified in Kevin Epps 2003 filmStraight out of Hunters Point.

The taxonomy noted by Epps allows us to see a national pattern of displacing communities of color in order to allow for “development” by outside interest. Historically outside forces shape communities of color in a number of ways, among them, redlining, outright refusal to sell to people of color, and police harassment or lack of protection for those who think to act other wise. West Oakland is an excellent example of a once thriving community shaped  by…

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Violent USA indeed. chickens coming home to roost and no national mental healthcare to be found…

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mass murder of children

The deranged father of an elementary school child in Newtown, Connecticut, went insane and killed up to 30 teachers, the principal, the school psychologist and many children.  This is not an unusual event for our country, this is NORMAL.  And the US blithely butchers children across the planet with our assassin drones while heavily armed assassins roam America unhindered by any rules, regulations, restrictions or laws except for our airports.  The US is drowning in blood as we cover ourselves with blood overseas.

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not reported much in US news, but check this out.

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Tonight, history was made at the UN.  Virtually all of our NATO allies sustained from voting against the Palestinians.  All of our major Asian ‘allies’ did the same.  All other nations except a very tiny handful, all of whom are protectorates of the US military machine, voted for Palestine.  All of Africa, all of the Middle East, all of South and Central America voted for Palestinian recognition.  The rage of the US Zionists is hideous to behold.

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