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San Pablo/19th parking lot under construction

No, it’s not multi-level. At least not in the Emeryville IKEA or SF Costco sense of multi-level. There won’t be hoards of middle class college kids hauling teflon pans and plastic encased sawdust-and-glue furniture home. Continue reading

Return of the Alley

This is old news for most people, but in case you didn’t know, La Mission neighborhood in SF is getting its own bowling alley. This is another one of those activities that white people (and others) without money (or desire) to go to Las Vegas partake in. The alley’s being constructed by long-time bowling afficionados from Brooklyn. Continue reading

Neat idea: billboard ban

Monday quick nuggets

EnSec Chu’s FY 2012 budget looks better: Less hydrogen “energy” funding, less fossil fuels funding.

And, old hat, but VMT does not “cause” to higher GDP. Vehicle Miles Traveled, aka private car driving.

Pandora IPOs. (so will facebook, linkedin, maybe twitter, others…)

Drummond drubbing OCC for pot farm plans

John Diaz on Jerry Brown and Oakland Redevelopment

Fox Uptown Parking Garage: Terrible car onslaught or necessary amenity?

Sunfield Sustainable Development (“Sunfield”, “SSD”) plans to build a massive parking garage for the corner of San Pablo Avenue and 18th Street. Figure A. (click for large view)

Note that the currently green-fenced “empty uptown lot” between FOX Theater and the Uptown Apartments is empty, unlike in the illustration.

Continue reading

Heads up: Fox Uptown Parking Garage

Details forthcoming, TBA.