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New Pizza Blog!

PizzzaBubble is a new whimsical project led by Oaklanders and other Bay denizens.  The intial framing is that the bay area is in a pizza bubble at the same time as we’re living in tech bubble 2.0.

We’ll eat to that!

Culture of Life News

Bilderberg 2012: Protesters vs New World Order – YouTube

The Bilderberg gang is leaving Chantilly.  Their concealment by the US media remains nearly total but in Europe, there is much more Bilderberg news as the secrecy for this nasty elitist conspiracy operation has collapsed.  This latest Bilderberg conspiracy meeting was to decide how to kill off Syria’s leader and how to enslave Europe.  And perhaps, how to get rid of Ron Paul’s followers who were mainly the ones besieging the front gates at the hotel.

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Culture of Life News

Fukushima is mostly ignored by our media which also ignores the Bilderberg gang.  And a lot of other important stuff.  The above photo was taken during the recent TEPCO tour of reactor #4.  They actually have a crane there that fitfully removes debris.  The entire structure is on the point of caving in but TEPCO has put supports under part of the pool.  But this mess is far from being fixed and all the workers there are reaching their lifetime limits of radiation exposure.  And the rest of the population nearby is certainly exposed to very dangerous levels especially children.

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