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Behind Government Budget Problems

Sutro Baths Steps by sirgious
Sutro Baths Steps, a photo by sirgious on Flickr.

This month’s post by Gail the Actuary explains our country’s (and the world’s) economic situation better than I ever could, so here it is.

This obviously speaks for Oakland as well, since we’re one of hundreds of US cities built upon a once lustrous but increasingly potholed and cracked foundation of cheap (and now all burnt up) oil and gasoline.

We’ll need to find other means of social lubrication, and in the meantime, don’t be poor!

The ramifications touch every part of our society, and thus I’ve tagged this with all categories. Put on your systems thinking cap and get reading!

Oakland Police Foundation Launched!!

After so many years of waiting on my part, the Oakland Police Foundation is finally a going concern! Hooooray! LA and NYC have had these for years.

So… if you have a few million $$ you don’t know what to do with, take a portion of it and donate today! I already have. You can also volunteer, sponsor, etc.

Why should you donate to the OPF?

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Another fight on AC Transit; BRT meeting tonight

AC Transit, Oakland, “Safe and Clean” – bus fight

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Media Coverage: Funeral for Murdered OPD Officers

AC Transit provided 12 busses to transport OPD officers to Oracle Arena.

Sorrowful Journey by Studio H (Chris).

SJ Mercury is live blogging from Oracle Arena

Live coverage on TV channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 11

Coverage from




Mayor Dellums asked NOT to speak by at least one of the officers’ families. Completely understandable since he’s not doing his job to make the city safe.

And here’s a quote from a church pastor near where Mixon shot the officers, saying the SAME THING:

“Jason Hodge, a spokesman for Prayer Mission Christ Holy Church, located a block away from the spot where two of the officers were shot, said “there’s just a real sense of concern about the number of young people we’re producing with such harsh feelings toward police.”

Hodge said members of the church generally feel that Mixon’s personal problems, such as a lack of a solid family life, led to the shootings, rather than a problem with law enforcement.

“There’s a real sense among members that things are getting out of control,” Hodge said. “There’s a total breakdown of family values being taught, and that’s really what we think we see with this young man.”

“We’re hopeful that our city leadership will help get people unified and come up with solutions, because there seems to be a general lack of direction in Oakland right now,” he said. “There’s not enough support for the police, and we’re the ones paying the cost.””