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Clipper beats TransLink to a pulp and it’s not even out yet!

As you all know, whoever runs the TransLink card program has announced that TransLink needs a new, sexy name. They’re rolling it out for this summer.  On this point I agree — we WANT more people to be aware of and use public mass transit, versus private car mass transit, although 95% of people seem to be against the new name, to date.  Too bad for them 😛

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SF Weekly says “SF badly run city”

So if you thought Oakland had its share of corruption, surprise, so does SF.

At least according to the SF Weekly.

Singular problems, or structural dilemma? Among the choice money quotes:

“You can’t get San Francisco running efficiently, because that would require large numbers of unionized city workers to willingly admit their redundancy and wastefulness. Inefficiency pays their salaries. ‘It’s been going on for decades,’ Peskin says.”

“…San Francisco is shedding its middle-class population at double the state rate. The city, however, is not losing low-income people at nearly the state’s pace — and is gaining wealthy residents at far more than California’s overall rate. In short, we are replacing our middle class with a rich elite and a burgeoning underclass. Watkins’ research also reveals that San Francisco is going gray. The number of city residents between ages 45 and 64 has climbed, while the count of those aged 20 to 44 has dropped. The city, it seems, has become a target destination for the wealthy and retirees. These are not the people who want to make sacrifices now to shore up the city’s future.”

The above sounds just like London, Mumbai or… Cambodia.  What’s new? White flight has reversed, and cities like SF and Oakland are ground zero for the returnees. Meanwhile, the poor displaced are having to move out to outlying, cheaper areas such as San Leandro, Vallejo or Union City.