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Hummingbirds in Downtown Oakland

Nature is great to experience, and even better if it’s in the city.  Even if it’s a sanitized version of nature like the reeds by Temescal Creek in Emeryville as it runs under the Bay Street mixed used development area.

In my case, I’ve been watching hummingbirds sipping nectar from the flowers covering my Yuzu tree.

Here’s the tree-

Almost had no humdinger photo — they’re so fast!

If you live or work on a street in Oakland which desperately needs more trees, get in touch with Urban ReLeaf.  They’re a superb non-profit which has planted as many or more trees as Oakland Public Works’ Tree Section has over the last decade plus.  Not to belittle the city but UR does the same work for much less $.  They just don’t market themselves very well unlike say city council politicians or Ella Baker Center.  Check them out here or call 510-601-9062 to request a tree. There’s no free lunch, so expect to pay some amount of money.  It’s an investment better than any that Wall Street or City Hall might offer — and then take — from you.

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