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Upcoming, Up’n’Came Eats and Drinks

Central Oakland is far from saturation point for good eats and drinks.  I wonder from time to time when we’ll arrive at super-saturation. We probably don’t have to worry about that ever happening. So what’s the new hotness, or, “what’s good?”

Disco Volante – 347 14th Street – beautiful stained glass curtains inside, band triangle, mochi-filled dates (figs?), bacon-y pecan nibblers, more. This baby is open for lunch now, should be open for dinner in two weeks. (Thanks @Vsmoothe for the up to date timeline.) Keep an eye out! FB page

Bar Dogwood – 1644 Telegraph Ave – should be open this spring.

Xolo Taqueria – 1900 Telegraph Ave – should be open by this summer, if not April.

Public Art Plaza – 1901 Telegraph Ave – supposed to launch September 2011. Not an eat n drink “venue” but definitely a place to hang out in the future! Looking forward to it. I might be moving by then.


I’m sure you already know about these new spots:

  • The Punchdown — new wine bar with paninis & soup & wifi, next door to Plum. Great place to hang out! Run by two smart cookies.
  • Plum — haven’t been yet
  • 355 — it was good, but can’t really proffer a ‘fair and balanced’ review based upon  Santa Crawl night ;o)
  • NEX — lovely grub & grog (make sure to ask for egg whites, bitters & ice in your Pisco Sour!)
  • ERA Art Bar & Lounge — awesome old woody ambience upstairs, Gucci Sweatshirt downstairs, lovely live painting and mixology of all kinds
  • No Worries — Veggie Filipino Cuisine — and healthy at that, not the SF SOMA greased out and been layed out all day in a chafing pan fish. First off, they don’t have fish, I’d think.  Second, I haven’t been yet! Need to go…

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