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Is Oakland greener than Berkeley?

Is Oaktown more of a sustainability oasis than Berkeley? Offhand, I’d say no.

It’s hard to beat 10-20,000 college students walking to class or to food, unlike us Oaklanders in our Subarus, Priuses, bicycles and Buicks driving to the Temescal, Saturday Lakeshore and other farmers’ markets.  Plus Berkeley has Biofuel Oasis and those elementary school gardens who provide vegetable matter for diners at Flora.

But maybe that’s not quite fair.  Oakland has more BART stations (though due to larger size) and perhaps more bicyclists than does Berkeley.  Oakland’s population is also 3-4 times bigger than Berkeley’s. I don’t have any figures on the latter, though.  Maybe EBBC’s number crunchers know.

SustainLane.com, a bay area green living guide, is conducting an 8-week sustainability challenge ahead of the December Copenhagen climate treaty negotiations. Cities of Berkeley, SF, Oakland, San Jose all have “top 10 lists” posted of things they’d like residents to achieve.

Interestingly, Mayor of Berkeley Tom Bates is participating directly, and being a good role model by example.  Here he is using shower water to water his garden.  A lot of Berkeley and Oakland residents use graywater systems to recycle mostly clean bathwater.  Time to show your green pride!

Many Berkeley and Oakland folks are already quite green compared to the stereotype of Los Angeles or middle america. Time to prove it!

Let the games begin!