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Local Blogger: Robert Reich

Not as hard-hitting as he could or should be, but here are opinions by former Secretary of Labor under Clinton and now UC Berkeley Professor of Public Policy Robert Reich.

By “hard hitting” I mean arguing for GS and JPM executives to be arrested and for the Federal Reserve to be audited, among other things.

I keep an eye on Patrick.net/housing/crash.html for the latest in real estate and wall street casino fraud news when i have a spare moment.

Other good opinion and commentary sites are listed under “World Econ 101” in the right column, below.


In more upbeat news, yesterday I listened to Hayao Miyazaki speak live too a packed Zellerbach Hall full of anime otaku types. I was twenty feet away and it was nice to hear the man speak about his films, who and what motivates him, what he thinks of the world and what his future plans are. He makes Totoro rumbling noises when he’s considering a difficult question. I’d say he is Totoro. The interviewer and translator left more to be desired though. The one asked mostly his own questions, while the other didn’t translate nuances or the real “dish” of many of HM’s responses.

If there is a next time, need a non-Charisma-Man interviewer who asks brief open-ended questions and doesn’t pontificate in long rhetorical questions based on his own theses, and a Japanese native interpreter who’s lived here a while. It’s easy to complain though.