Incredulous thoughts about “Credo Mobile”

The Real Credo: Motion, Not Action.

although i’ve ‘liked’ CREDO Mobile on fb to keep up with news, i see it as more of a feel-good service for progressives similar to Change, Huffpo, Unicef halloween donation boxes we toted as kids, or DemocracyTooLate since they all haven’t been able to accomplish the largest most important objectives of the so-called left.

among these:

  • ending corporate “free speech” (Citizens United – unlimited full spectrum political domination for all corporations);
  • “ending hunger”
  • wall street and corporations’ 99% effective control of our government,
  • US military/contractor engagements in the M.E. and Afghanistan,
  • Obama/Guantanamo holding foreigners without charge in Cuba for many years,
  • break Bradley Manning out of isolation,
  • going after Julian Assange,
  • voiding the “PATRIOT” Acts, voiding NSA/FBI wiretapping, keeping civil liberties intact.

With Credo or any other lefty product, you get to “fight” war/fraud/fascism, but it does not stop overt and covert war, accounting fraud, grand theft or the 1% one bit. no contracts cancelled. no wars cancelled. you get to stall a fracked natgas pipeline, but it simply reroutes. mission failed.

you may think you’re making a difference, but this is just another nice, warm illusion of “democracy” with a glass of milk and cookies. a 99% delusion.

i mean really, how is Credo going to win against all these fat cats who through political campaign cash actually write the laws? G.E., Bechtel, Halliburton, Blackwater, Boeing, Raytheon, Koch Bros; AT&T and Verizon; AIG Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, BofA-Merrill-Countrywide, Wells Fargo-Wachovia; big pharma; GMOnsanto etc and win?

in the end, it seems that the master beneficiaries of our “economic system” are merely the 1%: our version of the 7,000 princes of Saudi Arabia, their underlings, and all banking families, all of whom credo doesn’t affect in the least. Credo works within a brittle, broken, dying zombie socio-economic system, accomplishing only a tiny amount of good.

is this too cynical a view?

who’s phone lines does Credo piggyback off of anyway? Sprint Nextel – the company that allegedly skipped out on paying$100MM worth of  NY state sales taxes and who, like AT&T/Verizon/TMob gives profuse campaign cash to politicians. so even with Credo, you are voting with your dollar currency for the “lesser evil.” as in, Obama over Romney. actually, there IS no difference!

time to ‘unlike’ Credo Mobile on fb.


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