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I had a frustrating interview on Voice of Russia radio earlier this week. I’ve been on the show a couple of times before, and I’ve found the hosts to be level-headed and fair. So I was deeply shocked and surprised, when, after this last weekend’s events, they kept coming back, again and again, to the “flag-burning” incident in front of city hall on Saturday night. No matter how many times I refocused their attention on the many violent acts which violate the law, civil rights, and the Oakland Police Department’s own policies—things like firing less than lethal ammunition at head-level, beating people with batons, and using tear gas indiscriminately against crowds and bystanders—they came back to the burning of the flag. Inexplicably, they termed flag-burning “violence”.

There’s not a lot of real estate to this flag-burning story. In the midst of some vandalism of city hall, a small group of…

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