Breaking: Groundbreaking: MacArthur Transit Village parking garage

Are any of you going to this?

“If you’re having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online .”
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345 Spear Street Suite 700 | San Francisco, CA 94105 US

When: Monday, May 23, 2011 from 1:45PM to 3:30PM

Where: 544 West MacArthur Blvd, Oakland

What: Groundbreaking for IKEA-style car filing cabinet in the sky. Will be prefaced by saying good-bye to the low-income Sleepy Hollow Motel and Rio Motel on the southern edge of the existing (massive) BART parking lot. I have lots of good memories of MacArthur BART having lived in Temescal for a while.  I won’t miss these motels much.

If you’re going, maybe I’ll see you there.

Let the Return of the Jedi, er Gentry, continue… I just hope that Union City’s BART station T-O-D redevelopment continues apace too… it’s slowed a bit lately.

* * *

Even though BART is much more sustainable than electric cars — you can read about the superiority of Grid-Connected Electric Vehicles (GCEVs) over Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in the Post Carbon Reader — eventually BART too will cut hours and eventually, become intermittent.  Think Pakistan Railways.

Although PR uses diesel-electric trains and not electric urban trains (that I know of), the railway company and country are both broke and thus having trouble obtaining enough diesel fuel to propel their rolling stock. Among their other fiscal difficulties are pension liabilities and corruption.  Shades of our OAC jackass project (as Max Allstadt calls it, “It’s a very slow bus on an elevated track, built by a ski lift company”). are comparable.

Similarly, in Pakistan, with electric power only available two to six hours per day this month, “modern life” is grinding to a halt. Don’t think that this won’t eventually haunt Japan (this summer most of their nuclear plants will be shut down during peak usage months), China (running out of coal), India, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Welcome back to Olduvai Gorge folks! Let’s have a hell of a fun journey getting there. 🙂

One response to “Breaking: Groundbreaking: MacArthur Transit Village parking garage

  1. I’ll miss the Rio’s great sign, but not the motels. I’ll try to make the ground-breaking.

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