What’s in a Store?

Good vibes apparently, if all goes to one entrepreneur’s plan. A Good Vibes-style store called “Feelmore 510” will open on Telegraph at 17th near Bench & Bar and Somar in the near future.

@VSmoothe asks if this is a good idea, so here are my thoughts on pros and cons. Nothing brilliant here, just pragmatic concerns.


Sex-positive establishment is counter to all the other stuff out there – movies, smutty mags, what-have-you.

Another NEW BUSINESS in Uptown!

Supplements adults’ social/personal needs which aren’t met in the workplace, restaurant, bowling alley, etc. In a fairly positive or at least realistic way. Particularly meets needs of gay patrons who support many existing downtown Oakland nightlife establishments.


Near Oakland School for the Arts (charter middle school) – but who is going to keep kids from learning about sex? In any case kids aren’t allowed into the store unlike, say, DeLauer’s.

Overall, I support this business opening.

I also support the opening of a bowling alley in Jack London Square if anyone is listening.

One response to “What’s in a Store?

  1. I support the bowling alley in Jack London. Kids truly need something else to do besides ice skate.

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