The anti-post. Not antiposto.

I write this after eating dinner. It has nothing to do with Oakland’s infrastructure redevelopments but everything to do with “food justice,” “saving money/being cheap” and “eating locally.” It’s not my typical post.

What was it? Fresh pasta made from scratch by yours truly. Sure, eggs aren’t super cheap, flour prices are rising like joint smoke. It’s just satisfying to hand roll and cut your own pasta though. No intimately involved industrial machinery.

This is a fluff post. I wish I could say the pasta was too; it wasn’t. The pasta was hard. Note to self: knead dough for less time using less flour.

Otherwise, quite good. See stupid easy recipe here.

Stay tuned for next week’s piece: Oakland 2010 Review. It will be as superficial and fluffy as possible, like our new mayor and I.

And you’ve heard, right? We’re down at least, oh, ten officers. There are mutterings about Batts. I don’t quite buy them yet. On the other hand, if crime is down it’s because he (a)  has improved morale and (b) rich(er) would-be Oakland theft/mugging victims have less stuff for thieves to steal. It’s a recession for crimanimals too. Or (c) MJ joints are taking biz from the corner dope dealer, (d) the dealers are killing each other off, (e) there are fewer dealers per capita, (f) and latter-day dealers are becoming present-day pimps.

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