Reasons to (still) consider locabucks

Oak Leaves, Acorns, whatever you want to call them they are a way to rebel against our centralized coercive economic system. (Specifically Wall Street’s IOU dollar currency debasement — in which the banks (ie “Federal” Reserve mega-bank) create more of all the time via inflation, debasing our existing savings held in dollar currency format, driving down the purchasing power of their dollar currency which we have in our wallets. Remember when a condo in Orinda “used to” cost $25,000 in the mid 1970s? US factory workers earned $25,000 a year, then. That’s a 1:1 housing affordability ratio. Now compare that to today’s Bay Area housing affordability.)

Read about locabucks here.

I’ve written about “Oak Leaves” before, and you’ve no doubt heard of Oakland currency (Acorns) being disbursed via City of Oakland issued “municipal ID/debit cards.” I don’t really support the ID card, but I do like local currency.

Read about what worked in Austria in 1933 until the central bankers/despots found it too competitive.


One response to “Reasons to (still) consider locabucks

  1. I’d love to see us try this.

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