How to spiff up Oakland BART stations: Go Corporate

Add an Apple Store right outside, apparently!

At least, that is how it went down in Chicago recently. Check this out:

Apple invests in public transit

Well, urban living is the past and it will be the future, so why not beat (or keep up with) the Joneses? This is an example of a “public-private partnership” or P3 — similar to PBS being “funded in part by” Chevron Oily Mess Corporation, Your Tapeworm Bank Name Here, etc.

Now if only Subway Sandwich would install a light on the street at 19th Street BART station to notify folks that there’s a samich shop downstairs.  After all, they can afford billboards! It would have more lasting impact.  What if it was renamed Subway Station? How nerdy and awesome would that be? As long as they keep the blue tiles I’m fine with it. That could be replicated for every station. We’re a corporate feudal nation. Let’s admit it and take advantage of those who take so much from/provide lifeblood to us.

But to a degree, corporations care about self-image. Wouldn’t they want a urine-scented BART stairwells? Wouldn’t they repair 19th Street BART station’s  drinking fountain in less than five months (still not fixed)?

19th Street has spiffed up lately with installation of Berkeley’s hand-me-down bike racks on the fare gate level.  Good start but so much room for improvement! (And again, this depends on a better use of Sear’s space, World Savings Tower space, etc.)

The facts are: We’re in a perpetual recession. Corporations and banks rule America. Why not get some public benefit out of the latter to take care of the former?


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