Bay Area to get Bike Share by 2012

Just in time — phew! Otherwise we would have had either Eternal Hellfire or an eternally falling “standard of living.” Which will it be?

SFAppeal writes that MTC and BAAQMD will be lead funders of a bay area bike share program pilot beginning 2011.

“In late 2011, about 1,000 bikes at 100 kiosks will be installed throughout the Bay Area, including 50 in San Francisco. The project will receive about $4.3 million from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and $1.4 million from other partners…”

This is good news — we’ll finally join DC, Paris and about 100 other Euro cities in having real “public” bikes.  (Not to be confused with SF start-up “Public Bikes” which are made for yupsters.)  San Francisco will reportedly receive a 50 bike fleet, which leaves 950 bikes for other bay area cities.

We’d guess: San Jose-Sunnyvale-Mt. View-Palo Alto, Berkeley-Emeryville-Oakland, and perhaps others.

Naysayers will pooh-pooh bikeshare saying that cyclists aggravate traffic for private car, delivery truck and bus drivers and cause accidents.  There are rude bikers who flout traffic laws, just like there are drivers who do so.  Other people will say that bicycling saves lives — that you are “safer on a bicycle than on a couch” (ie, heart disease, etc) as the Dutch government says.

Personally I dislike that this is being funded to a lesser extent than electric cars, but every little bit helps!

Next post: a take on the Oakland Mayor’s race.

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