.get your influence peddling on.


September 30th  is the last day you can give free money to your Oakland mayoral candidates — and have it “count” on the chessboard of public opinion. (Since figures will be released early October.)

You can do so here:

Just back from Peru where the political elections are totally in your face wherever you go… huge huge home-built and painted (on walls) posters, slogans and billboards for every local candidate… not to mention fatality-inducing protests! (their elections are first week of october) Overall the politics are quite fun though, mostly eating, drinking and observing. Peruvians in Cuzco take their civic duties seriously with marches and protests. Lima had its protests and marches for various things (politics, religion, unknown) too.

Everyone local told me that whichever partido wins, they take care of “their” constituents and no one else, and ultimately the politicians do “nothing” for the common man. Also, that the people who should win never, or rarely, do. Shades of Oaktown? The US? (ie Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich should have been in the debates and on the ballot but were “disappeared” by the “MSM” aka mainstream corporate media)

Just like before our june 2008 city election, there were big shows of police out in force everywhere, lots of massive instant-public-works projects in play all-of-a-sudden… to show the voters that yes the politicians really had done something in their terms, even if they pocketed the majority of the money early on.

Since I lived in District 1 at the time (Temescal/North Oakland) I saw evidence of the incumbent (jane brunner)’s push on OPD to get all their cars out on the street. It was really crazy in the last week or two before the election, very obvious, and very cynical/calculating.

I guess politicians are the same world over:

Promise more to everyone (even when that’s a known impossibility), do good just after and just before elections (people forget the middle), and MARKET THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF. Take care of your real “base” of people — mainly the campaign money donors, rich/large interests, then your main constituent salad, then your campaign staff, and other people when strategically necessary.

Feedback from my Oakland friends:

“Wedge politics reigns supreme in this town.”

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