Update – Sep 22 2010

I haven’t written anything in a while–been busy. Lately, out of country. Needless to say I’m still on the ‘rim of fire’ just another section in a nation known as Peru.

Oakland: it’s time to organize a TAX REVOLT.

No new property taxes. Say hell no. Oakland Citizens Union baby.

Shakin’ reminder: After a major earthquake, I and you do NOT want to remain in Oakland. It will be a terrible place to be if water and power are both out for much more than 36 hours.

Why, besides ordinary criminals and no out-of-town police reporting to work, would you leave Oakland after the big one? The vast underclass of hooked-on-drugs homeless, underemployed(?) and transients we have in Oakland.

Think of the next 7.0+ east bay quake as our version of the Incas meeting the Spanish in 1534, with modern civil society American-style being the Incas. (though it’s a lame comparison in many ways!)

That’s it for today’s hyperbole. Take care out there. Back to urban planning themes (and some politics/crime gab) in future installments.


5 responses to “Update – Sep 22 2010

  1. Hey, not sure where you’ve been, but we had a big earthquake. In 1989. We stayed. In fact, many more people have come since then. And this city had way more problems with drugs & crime back then than now. BUT, if you think this is a bad place to be after an earthquake, leave now—this is California, where earthquakes are a given… if we value our lives, we must always think one is coming right now. And yes, that is a lame analogy (the Incas & Spanish one).

    • Good point, we’ll keep rebuilding, like after the great Indonesia-Thailand tsunami, Dresden firebombing, Hiroshima shroom cloud, SF 1906…

      I did say it was hyperbole. 😉

      My point is just that with reduced energy resources available to our modern society every year, it gets more difficult to rebuild each time, at least to the former standard.

      We’ll muddle through as a society as long as we have water and power.

  2. If such a thing as “modern civil society American-style” actually existed, we wouldn’t have a “vast underclass of hooked-on-drugs homeless, underemployed(?) and transients”, now would we?

  3. Oakland isn’t where you want to be in an Earthquake? Let’s talk about San Francisco. The firefighters live elsewhere because of rent, you’d likely only be able to enter or exit the city via the south, and there’s no open space to get to. I’ll take my chances in Oakland, thank you very much.

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