oakland’s near-term future: more day to day engagement, green zones

will be similar to detroit. but also similar to portions of LA/LB near their ports.

why detroit:

city budgets are on involuntary diet-and-sauna programs. tax and property tax collections are sucking wind.  for our land, air, water and bodies this is a good thing here in gluttony-USA. means we’re buying less junk and hopefully eating less crap. cuz the full time job isn’t there, which means the healthcare isn’t there to catch our fat heart attacked and diabetic asses.

direct democracy or getting our hands dirty by taking on city “dutiesa’ ourselves is not bad. it’s a way of muddling through the greater depression/collapse. by gardening. by battening hatches. by improving our own hoods. people are managing their common spaces already: planting flowers in medians (40th st), painting “slow – kids at play” images and words on streets (28th or 29th  st @ MLK), coming together in cohousing throughout the city or otherwise tidily mingling.

citizens are becoming city staff by volunteering for projects listed above and events (oaklavia, oakland marathon, etc) — and these are not new developments except for the percentage of volunteers and decline of sheer numbers of city staff doing productive work becoming more evident each year. (public gardening? analyzing OPD crime stats and posting them online?)

meanwhile, more ex-city employees start raking in guaranteed six figure pensions including health benefits for their families –  retirement salaries for life. even for fired ‘deadwood.’

why green zones:

green zones are physically defended areas of importance. important to people with money and power/physical force. areas of the primary economy: water, food, security, true “necessities.” or housing stock for our empire’s most valued citizens.

our port will be among oakland’s “green zones” — safeguarded areas, because they are economic or political assets.

our other green zones: lake merritt, downtown, jack london, certain micro neighborhoods, the airport. hospitals.  portions of the rich oakland hills. farmers’ markets and other commercial areas  where the primary economy asserts itself: flea markets, popup stores, key “traditional” stores, food shops, utilities: ebmud, train station, gas stations. even a few moneychanging instutions. outside these areas you are on your own. or will be, in the future.

i imagine east oakland along east 14th as being our main epicenter of where green zones will begin to seem obvious or most necessary. oakland’s crime rate is highest here in OPD “Area 3” – and jobs are scarcest here, with unemployment likely 80% in certain areas… and its not like the folks there don’t want to work either. i’ve helped them fill out job apps.

but really, green zones will be everywhere. the richest neighborhoods will be the most visibly obvious. new condos in east oakland and jack london square area. san francisco has many. upper rockridge is one.

and yes, the term ‘green zone’ started as a term to describe the US military-diplomatic complex and barracks site in Baghdad, Iraq. but they’re worldwide in every country. mainly, areas where the organized rich/powerful live.

</late night thought>

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