OPD Update

So as you know, things are both better and worse for OPD this year.

I’ll focus on the better things here.

1. OPD work shift moved from ex-Chief Tucker’s batshit crazy 12-hour shift, to current Chief Batts’ more normal 10-hour shift.  This is good on so many self-evident levels.

2. OPD got itself a new squad car that isn’t the same ugly old Ford Victoria. Finally!  I saw it today, it’s not completely covered in decals yet. It’s a 2009 Chrysler Charger.  I suggested on this blog previously that the department should do that to raise employee morale.  I dare say it is working. In Asphaltistan, what your car looks like matters.  It reflects on you, your organization, your clients and projects an “image.”  Take that, Alameda and Albany.

Yes this is a really shallow update, but it is an update. Signing off…

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