Woohoo! Streetcar Plan Unleashed

An Oakland streetcar plan, looking much like Detroit’s or Charlotte’s, escaped today onto the interwebs.  Must be end of the semester. No really!

Okay, so a (potentially) prospective grad student posted it, and many kudos.

This is something *I* wanted to make.  My ego is bruised: http://www.oaklandstreetcarplan.com/ j/k.

Just kidding.  I don’t have time to make a 140page, 70mb pdf report anyway between all my gigs, but the graphics work would have been fun.  For those of us with the extra basic access plan a <10mb pixelated version would be nice.

On a serious note, this is quite reactionary.  It opposes the whole 65 years of auto+oil complex we’ve suffered/enjoyed in Faustian or Promethean ways.  Sustainability at the end of the day is a way to “keep the party going” at all costs to assuage our egos and not willingly go back to the Native American or African standard of living. Not right away at least.  This is part of the overall effort to extend industrial civilization… even if we’re aiming for 1865, currently at 1890 with robber baron Warren Buffet (see his recent purchases including CSX rail) and the hedge fund feudal lords in Greenwich, CT, Paraguay and elsewhere.

If you’d like to see how much I support these, see my previous 11 posts on this blog talking up streetcars for Oaktown. BRT would be a nice precursor to having LRT again.

This study done with $1200 in research support and in-kind donations of time from professionals constitutes a more compelling sales brochure for streetcars in Oakland than anything I’ve seen MTC doing.  It’s MTC’s job to make these kinds of forward looking regional vision documents.  CEDA may have stuff like this but I haven’t seen it.  The closest thing would be Max Allstadt’s 3d visualizations of downtown building developments or Echa’s (and Becks’ and others’) blog commentaries.

Good work Daniel!

One response to “Woohoo! Streetcar Plan Unleashed

  1. Thanks for the post. I’ll put up a copy of the project summary by itself for the slowskys.

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