Historical photos of Oakland pre/post industrial hub status

Clues perchance of future Oakland… not?

Downtown scene during last year of World War Two. Notice the SF-style streetcar on Webster. Booze and magazines for sale, reminiscent of De Lauer’s Magazine shop or Farley’s East. Hm…

Downtown Oakland 14th and Webster 1945

Here’s a shot of Lower Rockridge’s main street. Note the old streetcar rails in the ground. This is a solidly Italian neighborhood of 1906 SF’s earthquake refugees. Photo taken during Christmas holiday season in 1930, during the US’ 1920-1933 Prohibition era when alcoholic beverages were ILLEGAL. And that was as effective as DMCA/RIIA lawsuits against Napster, or the so-called war of drugs.  Merchants: liquor and cigar shop, ice cream saloon, hardware store, shoe store, and a “piggly wiggly” grocery chain store. Nothing really changes.

College Ave Looking North towards Shafter 1930

Chevy plant on what is now Eastmont Mall, a ghost mall.

Chevrolet Plant, 73rd and Foothill 1917

Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt and the "Contra Costa Range" (The Hills) 1890

Just go check these photos out already.


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