Classified video of US Army helicopters shooting civilians

This is bullshit. 17 minutes of video showing US Army helicopter crews playing shoot a duck in a barrel.

Killing Reuters journalists, civilians, injuring children. Wonderful, MyLai and Gary King all over again.

If you think the US military can’t be used here in the US against Americans you are wrong.


This is what our federal income taxes pay for.  Hicks playing socialist (paid for medical, housing, transport, etc) cowboys on our dime and others’ lives so we can comfortably drive our private Le Sabre, Prius, New Beetle and Impreza WRX automobiles up and down Oaktown.

In weird, unexpected and COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED news, US accused of causing Haiti earthquake.

Now this is something I’d read about in the day or two after the quake–that the British Naval fleet near Haiti had left in the days before the quake, which has supposedly never happened in Haiti’s history for the last 99+ years.  If true, this is the equivalent of a nuclear attack and as morally wrong as nuking another country.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this weapon existed, as implausible as it seems.


3 responses to “Classified video of US Army helicopters shooting civilians

  1. Haiti earthquake was a media lie! The elite strike again. Setting up phoney relief funds milking the unknowing masses again. And an added bonus of securing all the land needed for building resorts. How do I know this? Take a trip there, find someone not involved in business or politics of haiti and you will find out it never happened. I know! I challange you to seek the truth then tell others and yes you will look and feel like a fool but you will then realize how corrupt governments are.

  2. i doubt what you are saying is true about no quake. there are plenty of other shady practices around the world and US though.

  3. For goodness sake, do you people need to be commited? Unless you have ever been over there or in a war zone, How can you bring out your mindless babble. I think you all need to just get a life. When those people were over there they the dangers involved. It is people like me who help maintain freedom, so you can express you imaginations2

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