Tour of downtown Oakland

Everyone loves photos.

Here are some snaps from the past few weeks.

1. Raw sewage notice at Lake Merritt, 3/23:

Thanks COO-PWA! Some people might be tempted to swim in the lake after a jog but not now. The signs are down as of first week of April.  Nice that the sign is bi-lingual but too bad for Chinese speakers.

2. View of Kaiser Garage Rooftop Garden:

It is not possible to overly enjoy that garden although I don’t visit too often either. It would be great if Kaiser put a restaurant back into the background building.  Note for BART protestors: this is above BART’s boardroom on the 3rd floor.

3. The garden above would be better if you could see the street from garden level in more than one place.  Currently unless you jump over / through solid bushes you are limited to this view:

4. Did you know there’s two Subway Sandwich shops within two blocks of each other in downtown? This Subway at the north end of 19th Street BART Station is my favorite. It’s underneath Broadway between Sears and Wachovia, adjacent to Cafe Madrid in the I. Magnin building.

. The other Subway Sandwich shop is next to diner Chef Edward’s at William & San Pablo. Haven’t been there but Chef Edward’s is great for a quality grease fill-up.

One response to “Tour of downtown Oakland

  1. There is a Subway on Grand and Broadway too. They are everywhere!

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