Oakland’s future: Bicycle City

I’m probably far from the first to use this term both here and in comments over at ABetterOakland — I’ve called out Oakland’s future as that of a “bicycle city.” Maybe that is not very visionary at all.

It just looks at falling oil production, rising gas prices, falling job employment, rising asphalt/concrete/union pay, falling city revenue as fewer people buy cars in Oakland, rising city costs as city employees retire with their 90% for life salaries…

Alex Gronke, whose finally released OPD story I contributed funding to, has just published a piece in Oakbook also with the term “bike city.” I’m glad to see that other people see Oakland’s future in the same light. Better than Blade Runner or the video I just posted.

Keep up the good work everyone. Soon we’ll be able to get around on 3rd world wages. Bicycles are MUCH cheaper (and healthier) than cars.

What is America without cars? A temperate weather Banana Republic! A better name… Wheat and Corn Land?


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