Errors on City of Oakland website

City’s taxi permit application page showcases the following paragraphs with misspelled words, strange spacing and more:

(PURSUANT TITLE 5.64 OF THE OAKLAND MUNICPAL CODE)” [two errors: missing an “i” in Municipal. missing a “to” in between Pursuant and Title.]

“Permittee must , and by this application does hereby agree to , abide by all applicable provisions of the
California Vehical Code , Oakland Municpal Code Taxicab Standards Ordinance , and all other Rules and
Regulations of the Chief of Polce.Public Works Agency and City Admnistrator Office.” [sic: FOUR misspellings plus grammatical errors. most spam is written better!]

I bet if the person who wrote or coded that page had to add his/her name or initials (page made by…) there would be fewer errors.  How embarrassing!

I can’t wait for the day when the city has a majority of competent political leaders, managers and staff.  Maybe then, people who work for the city will actually give a damn about their jobs instead of watching their sloppy, lazy “dead wood” co-workers continue to make a messs of civic governance.


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