Boo! Franklin Wine Bar closes

Not that I ate there often but I always liked FSWB.

Every part of Oakland seems quite “tapped out” to me as far as drinking establishments… no matter what neighborhood you are in.  Liquor stores and sports bars (Dorsey’s Locker) for the lower class.  Pricier bars and lounges (Mimosa Champagne, Pican) for the languishing “upper-middle” and true upper classes.  Maybe it’s always been this way? (Some people argue there has never been a “Golden Era”, while every society and each generation thinks its past definitely was a Golden Era.)  Drinking is for everyone poor or not.  And undoubtedly, drinking is worse for you than marijuana, but to each his own.

Read more on End of FWB @CCTimes.

See Franklin Square Wine Bar website‘s “closed” notice.

Who will benefit from this closure? Nearby bars: Ozumo, Luka’s, Era Lounge (new), Mimosa, Pican, mua, Somar… okay maybe that’s a stretch but Uptown does have a huge number of drinking establishments.  The district in my opinion needs more balance: decent cafes, grocery stalls, hookah place, Mediterranean food, bowling, darts, pool, more regular food and so on.  Just as likely, this district needs more foot traffic from full residential and office building occupancy to fill the bars down on street level.

But more than either of these, which are both valid, is the unwillingness of people to spend money.  That’s not going to happen for a long time. Should be obvious to everyone by now including (officially) to “TPTB.”  Everyone’s frugal-ing it up, paying down debts, battening the hatches for even worse economic news. (You can get your daily fill of that here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)

Think College Avenue.  It “gentrified” in a more organic way over a longer period of time.  On the Bway side there’s Chu, the Irish pub, the shi-shi place in between, and alcohol at a few other restaurants. Otherwise, not many bars until you reach RR BART with that “water” place and Nick’s. (I don’t know what the corner wine bar on the other side of Highway 24/RRBART is up to.  They seem confused.)

Here’s a poster O-Scene blog put up about 2009’s Obama Inaug drinking bashes:

One of those was held at FSWB I believe.  Sadly, poster reminds us that Bush happily handed Obama the keys to be our nation’s Economic Janitor, the one to turn out the lights carefully.  The only real stimulus I — and Everette & Jones — see Obama handing out is cash for bankers (bailing them out for their own greedy, risky, fraudulent, liar-loan-based, leveraged mortgage-backed securities “investments” and other bubble casino chips), War contractors (for surging the Afghan war, in a place where empires go to die), car-makers (subsidizing slightly better MPG SUVs), Israel (unlimited military support against ghettoized Palestinians) and everyone else with a lobbying budget.

Presidents are just puppets, something we can stare at and blame or praise.  They do not pull the strings.  It is celebrity circus.

Anyway, I’ll be happy to go to Luka’s once in a while for my FWB cravings. Good bye for now, Franklin Square Wine Bar.


6 responses to “Boo! Franklin Wine Bar closes

  1. Trust me, no one is benefitting from the closure of FSWB. Despite the number of adult establishments in Uptown, each of these bars caters to a distinct clientele. (You and your bowling thing is killing me.) That being said the district would deeply benefit from more feet on the street from additional residential construction and fully leased office bldgs. But more importantly we need an improved economy. Hopefully, when the moment is right we can get more everyday businesses in the hood.

    I know the common folk like to dis the bank, but I think it is important to remember if banks are not solvent, they are not lending. If banks are not lending, new businesses are not starting and existing business are nor growing. So while you may hate the bailout, I guarantee you you will hate an economic depression even more.

  2. Haha, bowling. I will find a new activity to sub for it. It’s not that I’m good at bowling… it’s just a low material and energy throughput activity which makes it more sustainable than say a movie theater, kart racing or road trips.

    The banks simply took money that Would Have Been Used for Lending for themselves… to cover up their risky zombie marginally dismal bets which exploded in their faces — Derivatives!

    Same thing happened in the 30s… credit shrank. Of course we’re also DeLeveraging and decreasing private debts too… it will take probably a decade or two to shake out, and the US will be utterly transformed afterward. Just like after the Revolution, the Civil War, WWII…

    Are you saying we’re not in an economic depression? We are in the midst of a national, state and global civilizational Collapse. Or maybe a long, slow, painful death of civilization. (It happens every so often.)

    Your statement reminds me of this quotation I read the other day: “In 30 years, we’ll be living in boxcars and eating grass, wondering when the crash will come.” >:P

  3. Ralph, you might also like reading Economic History in 10 Minutes, which opens with:

    “Throughout over 90 percent of our species’ history, we humans lived by hunting and gathering in what anthropologists call gift economies. People had no money, and there was neither barter nor trade among members of any given group. Trade did exist, but it occurred only between members of different communities.”


  4. for the past few years i have been praying for a complete economic collapse. sadly, we only got half way there. i thought a complete collapse provided the best chance for a faster recovery. this half-a** collapse helps no one.You either go all in or go home.

  5. agree with you there. it is healthy for old dinosaurs to die to make room for new mammalian life. if plants didn’t die, new ones could not grow…

    yes, our economy and country are now a zombie and have been for a while. all living off debt (future childrens’ blood?) since the 80s. there should be a few new terrorist attacks in the US any year now. after the big reset tho there will be plenty of blood in the streets. look at Krygzstan after it stopped being a CIA-Soros stooge.

  6. good question for all of us is, what would you be willing to die for? surely the answer would not include mcdonald’s corporation, walmart inc. or jp morgan chase.

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