McGarden checkup [Uptown Fox Farmette]

Checked on my privately-funded public garden late last week.  After reading various commentary on “survival living” today I am changing the name from Uptown Fox Farm to Uptown Fox Farmette.  The additional irony may come in handy.  (All that’s missing in this hood is the white picket fence. ha!)

The A students:

Kentucky pole bean (3 of 3 sprouted)

Flowering tree saplings (2 of 2 alive)

Apple tree seedlings (3 of 3 alive)

Garlic plants sprouted and happy

Sweet red clover sprouted

Failing the class:


Not mine but doing well:

Wild plants of all kinds. (weeds)

Beer bottles and beer bottle glass, broken umbrella, other detritus de fossil-fueled civilization

I suppose you’ll all want photos, which I will provide later this year.


2 responses to “McGarden checkup [Uptown Fox Farmette]

  1. how goes the photos? i am interested in beginning a community garden on my property …

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