Police foundation update

This is by now a bit of old news, but I want to pre-announce that Oakland Police Foundation should be launching this summer. The silent majority will finally have a way to support a properly run PD in light of City of Oakland’s ongoing financial disaster. Stay tuned.

Needless to say, Oakland’s financial descent was brought about by many things including, but not limited to, council member Jean Quan(ficomm head)’s use of budget reserves during tax reveune “boom times.” This left Oakland’s budget without a cushion for inevitable lean times.  Also many CA cities voted for “3% per year worked” retirement salaries in and after 1999, to attract talent.  This exploded many cities’ pension liabilities — the kind of financial issue in which Oakland’s former city workers now retire with up to 90% of their old salaries, in retirement, in perpetuity.

Clearly an unsustainable ponzi/pyramid scheme which will fall any year now.  So why should I worry, anyway? Nature sorts things out eventually.

Sidenote: I definitely wouldn’t vote for Quan as Oakland’s next Mayor — and she’s running. Ditto for Don “No Specific Programs” Perata.  Hopefully Rebecka Kaplan will run for Mayor.

Back to the main point of this post — OPF is working through various IRS paperwork right now and should go live in Q3 2010.


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