Another fight on AC Transit; BRT meeting tonight

AC Transit, Oakland, “Safe and Clean” – bus fight

Yesterday, I was exploring the Kaiser buildings in downtown Oakland.  I don’t know when this bus fight happened, but it must have happened before or after I was at the building.  I’m curious what commenter BlackHour would think of the above video.  Who is being racist? Pretty sad all around.

Reminds me of an incident I had few years ago on BART.  Was standing in the crowded (pre-2008) BART train going to work, and there’s some nasty older big guy who looks like the Santa in the video above (but isn’t) and is talking trash to/about all the women around him.  Loudly.  I could see that everyone else on the train wasn’t happy with his behavior, but everyone was scared to say anything.

So I yelled at him STFU really loud. Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore. Guy shuts up, turns around and sizes me up, and decides he can take me.  So he gets over to me, and I’m like patting him and saying “sorry” or some shit since I don’t really want to knife the guy or start even bigger shit.  I just want a calm morning commute.  People were giving me business cards and shit and thanking me.  I just like civility, and I’ll stand up for it sometimes.

* * *

If you think you are an “Oaklander” you really must check out the rooftop garden above the Kaiser Garage… it’s beautiful.  A diamond in the rough, and so quiet and peaceful.  My only gripe is that the drinking fountains up there are completely busted and don’t work.  Otherwise it’s really nice. Water fountains, no graffiti, huge garden. To get there, go into the Kaiser Garage building, find an elevator, and press the “RG” button. Roof Garden.

Also see the huge black and white photos of Oakland from the 1960s… right after the streetcar rail lines were torn out.  You only see cars everywhere. By the Paramount, the Capwell’s (now Sears) building, everywhere. Those photos are accessible on the ground floor from inside Long’s Drugs (CVS).

* * *

Last note: two city meetings today that look interesting.

(1) Zoning Commission, 4:30pm, City Hall – more arguments for extra surface parking lots downtown.  Don’t these people know what DOWNTOWN means?

(2) BRT meeting tonight. Details here.

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