Crime Pays. Especially in Oaktown.

Today’s money quote:

“People always seek to improve their wealth and status in the easiest way possible. What’s the easiest way? Take wealth from someone else. That’s why criminals are still in business…after thousands of years of trying to stop them.”

This works at all levels… from the ghetto to city hall to Sacramento to Wall Street to DC.

I keep hearing about crimes perpetrated against normal people in my adopted city and nearby cities… a thief mugging my friend’s pregnant wife a couple years ago, the OPD not finding her wallet but the husband finding it on the pavement on the block between their apartment and the bus stop where the thief got on… and his neighbors had actually caught the thief. Lazy, immoral thieves. The DA wouldn’t have pressed charges except for the fact that the victim was pregnant.

Two guys walking up to a friend’s car in Eville’s IKEA parking lot, “punching” the ignition, and making off… CHP later has her car towed from West Oakland. (Won’t happen again, I gave her a clutch lock from my driving days.)

Thieves live on every continent, in every country, in every city. But especially in Oakland, since the old DA didn’t prosecute… and the new DA will likely be cut from the same cloth… a strange sense of morality.

Arm yourselves and lock things down, or move elsewhere if you don’t like the crime.

Good luck everyone.

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