Aha! Yes, we are approaching 3rd world status

Traveling to the Third World, and Evaluation of SF/Oakland Mayor comments

I’m not the only person who thinks our Bailout Nation is becoming 1980s Cambodia.  I’ve commented over at ABO saying so previously.

John Greer in his blog Archdruid Report comes to the same conclusion this week. To him, the easy explanation of where we’re going is the Third World.  Some other guy over at Marketwatch blogs says we should prepare for a “Swiss Family Robinson” scenario. I’m sure that SurvivalBlog.com will become even more popular this year.

I’d been saying for years after 2005 that “the US is becoming Japanese.” By this I meant that I saw more people taking the bus and train, more people bicycling, and food prices for things like OJ  shooting up, and people having less income than ever before.  This reminded me of what I saw in Asia and I said so.

It must be getting worse in Japan!  They’ll probably default before the US does.

And then in the past year or so I’ve been saying that the US is the next Cambodia or lawless Mexico or Zimbabwe+Somalia.  Detroit is definitely the closest thing to those places except for all their water, maybe Baltimore too.

We are a broke empire breaking down a little more each day until we finally implode like the twin towers did. That will be total chaos… welcome to the Banana Republic of the United States indeed.

And in this situation what is it prudent to do?

(A) move out of dense cities to a small town or smaller city

(B) make do where you are, with neighbors you know and networks you already have; make sure you are self sufficient in all ways — water, food, security, connections, or both? Pick one!  And don’t watch Mad Max or Thunderdome, watch Swiss Family Robinson. 😉

Alternate names for US Collapse — and yes Oakland is part of the US, for now:

Swiss Family Robinson

Welcome to the Third World

The Long Emergency

No More Collapse Gap (w/ USSR)

Chinese Century

Another Empire Bites the Dust

Comparing two stories about SF, Oakland Mayors responding to the ongoing downwards grind.

Story 1: S.F., Oakland mayors urge financial reforms Yay! Newsom hits it right now: address (by cutting) pensions and high city worker compensation overall.  AND re-write Proposition 13 so that commercial/business owners must pay their fair share.

To which I’d add, make private residents pay their fair share too — gradually over a 20-year period.  And for the businesses give them five years.  McDonald’s and Burger King can certainly afford the lawyers and CPAs to rewrite their own tax paperwork.

Story 2: Despite budget woes, Oakland and S.F. mayors see hope for 2010 Boo! More false hopes. With Dellum’s no-money quote being: “I feel sure we’ll be rebounding…  [o]ver a 20-year span…”

I guess aside from his much-ballyhooed A’s campaign, Army Base housing and Port expansion rah-rahing, the three of which are depressed industries, Dellums could be thinking of the one-time help we’ll see from hiring federal 2010 Census workers and getting some more purposely-delayed stimulus funding for such things as the OAC. (more borrowed money AKA DEBT to help us fix our DEBT problems… zowie)

Not much progress to see folks.  But at least Newsom in the first article brings up the formerly taboo subjects of public pensions and public employee pay. Things we can no longer afford.

The earliest baby boomers might get some of their social security and medicare Part D bucks, but not more than half, I guarantee it!

Next post will be about vocations with a future.


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